Whether for a complete construction or a stadium extension, our solutions bring you numerous benefits:

  • RAPIDITY OF CONSTRUCTION : building work during the off-season (3 months). 82 days for the Matmut Stadium in Vénissieux

  • FLEXIBILITY : Increase/decrease in the size of stands

  • ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE : 50-70% savings compared to traditional infrastructure

  • A TURNKEY SOLUTION  : project management from start to finish with a single point of contact

  • AN ASSET IN ITS OWN RIGHT : unlike concrete buildings, the facilities built by GL events can be dismantled and sold on to another club (or community).


When it comes to technical performance, we know where your priorities lie: the welcome and comfort of your supporters and partners is what it's all about. The expertise of our teams allows us to guarantee your future spectators an excellent line of sight and maximum comfort.

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