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Designed, manufactured and installed for the COP22, the Canopée, a central corridor measuring 18 metres wide by 700 meters long, was the main public space of the village.

From the beginning, the study of the life cycle of the various components of the project was at the heart of the design in order to give a second life to this fabulous architectural feat once the event ended.

Developed as a truly modular construction, the Canopée adapts to all your projects: building entrance, connecting bridge between different buildings, a space in its own right, anything is possible. With its 36-metre modules, you can define your own requirements!

CASE STUDIES: COP22 - Canopée – 2016

Global context of the project:

  • Construction and operation of a temporary conference centre (including associated services)
  • Installation period: 20 weeks
  • Project team: 750 people involved


  • 12,600 m² central aisle
  • Dimensions: 700m x 18m
  • Transparent and waterproof membrane for a feeling of being open to the outside
  • Architect: OUALALOU+CHOI

la Canopée de la COP22

la Canopée de la COP22