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Academic sites, universities are places of teaching and learning. As a result, they require a comfortable infrastructure appropriate for hosting students. Unlike a traditional classroom, a university lecture theatre can accommodate several hundred students.

CASE STUDIES: Jean Jaurès University - Toulouse - 2014

Context of the project: Creation of two 19 to 24-month temporary lecture theatres (750 seats).



  • NV65 classified building structure
  • 50mm rockwool insulating cladding
  • Reinforced sound insulation to walls and roof
  • Thermal insulation
  • Smoke outlet


  • Tier
  • Reuse of existing furniture
  • Podium adapted to existing furniture
  • Reversible climate control
  • Lighting and electrical distribution
  • Video, sound, light
  • Laying of high footfall carpet tiles

Réalisation de deux amphithéâtres provisoires

Réalisation de deux amphithéâtres provisoires