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Thu, 06/20/2019 - 09:47



The SPA Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium hosted World Rallycross of Benelux for the first time on 11 and 12 May 2019 and relied up on GL events to install semi-permanent modular stands for use by spectators and VIP guests during the races.


Consumer stands and vehicle acces area - © François Mainil

In support of this beautiful event, GL events installed a total of 9,000 seats meeting the technical requirements of the European standard N13200, featuring two grandstands and a VIP area :

• A 4,800-seat « Banking » grandstand

• A 3,600-seat "Strad Grid" grandstand

• A 1000 sqm covered VIP area including 600 grandstand seats

These semi-permanent grandstands bring spectators as close as possible to the action. They are composed of 3 turns and include 3 in-stand access-points for racing vehicles.

The  circuit carried out many works in addition to the installation of the stands, including this extension created especially for this rally. These works required more than 150 tons of scaffolding and 600 tons of grandstands, as well as a base that can accommodate fifty people for this construction. The project was completed in record time of only two months.


Covered VIP area of 1,000 m² - © François Mainil

The modular grandstand and scaffolding were weighted with 1,350 tons of concrete ballast, a method of construction that allows swift reconfiguration of the grandstand, including the increase or decrease of seating capacity in record time.

GL events has once again proved its expertise on one of Europe‘s largest and most famous European circuits, with its agile turnkey solution for the construction, extension and renovation needs of sporting venues and events.