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Tue, 07/02/2019 - 12:01



While waiting for the delivery of the new temporary Exhibitions Center of Strasbourg, GL events installed a transitional building intended to replace the current center during the duration of the works (2 years). This spectacular assembly has already proven its worth at the other side of the world thanks to its high quality equipment.

In 2016, GL events realized the installation of a temporary Exhibition Center in Sydney. A semi-permanent structure intended to compensate for the operating area deficit during the renovation of the existing Exhibition Center.



The semi-permanent building of Sydney, 2016


In 2019, the solution proposed by GL events in Australia is used again, this time in France, for the semi-permanent Exhibition Center in Strasbourg. A real logistical challenge since most of the building was repatriated from Sydney in 50 days of transport.

GL events has installed a total of 17,350 m² of semi-permanent buildings in record time of 3,5 months, in order to maintain the economic activity and attractiveness of the region during the construction of the new Exhibition Center.



The temporary Exhibition Center of Strasbourg, 2019 - © Strasbourg événements


The complex comprises a first 12,550 m² hall located on Fritz Kieffer Street with a building of 7,350 m² and a contiguous section of 5,200 m².  A second hall with an area of ​​4,800 m² is located on Tivoli Street.

The project was completed with the installation of lighting, electrical distribution, air conditioning, sound and internet fiber.

After their use, these buildings can be installed to support new projects requiring long-term operation in France or elsewhere in the world.

GL events offers you a turnkey and sustainable solution, from the definition of your needs to the construction and operation of all types of temporary buildings.