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To allow LOU Rugby to play in the TOP 14, GL Events designed and built a new complete stadium in 82 days, during the off-season. Our teams have installed 50 m² of permanent shops dedicated to the Lou Rugby Club, open year round. The complete village extends over nearly 3,000 m² and includes many other areas: brasserie, refreshment stalls, washroom facilities and offices.

  • 2011
  • Vénissieux, France
  • Purchase
  • Rugby
  • 50 m² permanent shop

Shop project - Matmut stadium - project designer

Shop of the Matmut stadium in Venissieux

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An upgradable sports facility that complies with regulations and is cost-effective.

And all this in a very short time: 82 days were all we needed to build the Matmut Stadium in Vénissieux!

Stadium expension - shop matmut stadium venissieux

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